think green

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On 26th – 30th June 2016, the international NGO I was working for organized a conference titled: 16th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) “Youth for Environmental Sustainability: Our Future, Our Care”.  The name of the NGO is World Assembly of Youth (WAY) and I worked there from August 2014 – October 2016. As the research officer, I helped to make sure that the conference was successful. We invited amazing speakers from different parts of the world and they delivered amazing speeches from different perspective in relation to the environment.

Also on the 22nd of January 2017, I attended a green living and working master class by Matthias Gelber, a man who was named the greenest man on earth. And I got a green living and working certificate and a copy of his book titled “The GreenMan’s Guide to Green Living and Working”. After these encounters in regards to green living and working seminars, I began to wonder why some business people are not yet thinking GREEN as part of their business strategy. Maybe they don’t see the advantages or how it could be beneficial to their business. So subsequently, I’m going to explain how thinking Green could benefit your business.


You will attract green thinking business people

I have a friend who likes patronizing businesses that includes GREEN strategy as part of their business plan. This includes the hotels he use, the restaurants where he eats and even the printing shops he visits. People are gradually adopting to Green living and working lifestyle and this people would be naturally attracted to businesses that implement GREEN strategy as part of their business strategy.


You will save money

Green living and working lifestyle would not cost you more money, but rather it would help you to save more money.  For example using a recycled paper for printing (unofficial documents) would help you to save on printing papers. Also being conscious of your electricity, switching off lights and the air conditioners when they are supposed to be off would help to reduce electricity bills.


Thinking green gives you a free advertisement

When you start thinking GREEN as part of your business strategy, people would start discussing your business and this would result to free advertisement. For example a company that has a small garden in their office where the staff would practice gardening would get people talking about this company anytime they come visiting. This would give this company free publicity.

You will empower your employees

As a company, when a GREEN strategy is implemented, your employees would be empowered and encouraged to start a green working lifestyle. When this happens, your employees will manage the resources in the office effectively and help to reduce unnecessary cost.


You will impact your client

A company that thinks GREEN would live a long lasting impression on their clients, especially those who are in love with Mother Nature. This could go a long way to encourage the retention of clients.


You will help improve Nature  

Climate change is a serious issue in our world today. Thinking GREEN as part of your business strategy would definitely contribute in helping Mother Nature.


In conclusion, I just want you to ask yourself some questions. What is my carbon footprint? What is the carbon footprint of my business or company? Am I contributing to climate change?