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Today I’m going to share with you one of the easiest and most effective ways to close more business.  And it all starts with what you say when you call a prospect back to close the sale. First, here’s how 80% of sales reps begin their closing calls:

“Oh hi, this is _______ with the XYZ Company.  I’m calling to follow up on the (proposal, information, etc.).  Did you have a chance to review that?”

Or, another equally weak opening most sales reps use is:

“Hi, this is ________ with the XYZ Company, how are you?  Good, I was just calling to see if you received the demo we sent to you?”

This is the worst way to begin your closing call!  First, you’re giving all control over to your prospect – now why would you want to do that?

Second, you’re just opening yourself up for a stall or put off – “No, I haven’t had time yet, why don’t you call me back next week?”

If you want to be a Top 20% closer, strike the phrases “just calling to follow up” and “just wanted to see if you…” out of your pitch – FOREVER!

Here is how the Top 20% start their closing calls, and how you can instantly begin to close more business starting with your very next call:

“Hi _______ this is ______ ______ with the ABC Company.  You know, I’ve been looking forward to getting back with you and getting you started with our (award-winning newsletter, number one industry ranked product, world-class service — fill in your product/service/investment here).  I know you’ll be as happy and satisfied as my other clients are.

Now, I’m sure you’ve (read the brochure/watched the demo, etc.), and I’m sure you see how it can help you (give a benefit they are looking for).  My question is: do you want to start with our professional position of _______, or does the _______ position work better for you?”

Now shut up and listen.

Earth shattering to you?  Perhaps it is.  But so will be your results.  This works on so many levels:

  • First, you’re asking for the deal right away (and you’ll be surprised by how many are ready to buy on the spot!)
  • Second, it immediately starts the close on an assumptive and positive note.
  • And third, you eliminate introducing any put-offs and stalls.
  • And best of all, you immediately get the prospect to tell you where they stand and what they’re thinking, and what direction you need to go in to make this sale.

While this technique may seem simple, it is powerful.  Don’t be afraid to use it with each prospect you call back – you will never scare away a real buyer!  What you will do is expose all those non-buyers who now take up all your time and drain your energy.  Wouldn’t you like to know upfront who they are?

I guarantee that if you begin using this approach on every sales call, you will be well on your way to doubling (or more!) your closing percentage and income.

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Author: Mike Brooks